Norberry's Norrest Farm and Cider

Norbury’s Norrest Farm and Cider

We offer our own draught and bottled cider, perry, fruit wines, apple juice, jams, pickles and chutneys from our farm in Storridge, near Malvern, Worcs. In season we also offer fresh apples, pears, plums, cherries, damsons and quince.

Our Norbury’s Black Bull Cider and Perry is made using only the finest ingredients – locally grown cider apples and Perry pears.

We started making cider in 1980 and since then our range of ciders have won many prizes for their excellence. The cider is made in a traditional way, using hand labour. The apple ‘pomace’ or pulp is put into cloth ‘cheeses’ which are placed between boards. The juice is then extracted by hydraulic pressure and put into fermentation vessels.

The finished drink contains no artificial colour or preservatives and has had no water added.

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