Pip's Sauces

Pip’s Sauces

Pip’s Hot Sauces are devilishly spicy chilli sauces. Crafted in small batches to ensure quality, these sauces are made by chilli heads for chilli heads who love flavour as well as spice!

Dead rich red & smoky La Boca Del Diablo was the first we came up with. It’s a smoky heat, which has a lovely slow after burn. We use it on pretty much everything we eat here at Hot Sauce HQ. It goes really well on pasta and pizza, is great on poached eggs for a pick you up breakfast and lovely in a Bloody Mary too or a Bloody Maria.

We are always looking for new sauces but we only ever produce things that we love ourselves so are not in the habit of churning stuff out just to increase our range. We do have a couple of sauces in the pipeline that have proved to be addictive in Hot Sauce HQ so it looks like there will be some new saucey goodness coming soon…… Watch out for them at Moseley Farmers’ Market!

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