What an amazing market we had last month with stalls across the road outside the former BOOTS. We also took note of where queues were still a problem and with the advice from Environmental Health, we aim to make this coming month’s market even safer.

TILL THEN – PLEASE TAKE CARE – remember to wear a mask and keep your distance

On Saturday April 24th, THE TRADERS MAY NOT BE IN THEIR USUAL PLACE but will be as near as possible to the new normal. 

Welcome to Moseley Farmers’ Market

Moseley Farmers’ Market will be on SATURDAY MAY 29th. BUT REMEMBER IT MAY BE DIFFERENT DUE TO COVID-19 REGULATIONS. Please observe and respect SOCIAL DISTANCING. We advise you to wear a mask. It will be in the centre of Moseley Village. We will have as many of our usual stalls as possible selling a huge range of produce to cater for everyone’s needs; whether it be fruit and vegetables, cheeses and wine, pies, beer or samosas. Everything available is guaranteed to be local and the produce is reared, grown or processed by the people selling: it’s a certified real Farmers’ Market. There will also be stallholders selling non-local food for the benefit of the community such as olives, fish, unusual cheeses and coffee beans & tea leaves. These are placed on the edge of the Farmers Market area. BAKE will be back opposite the Fighting Cocks as in November.

“Moseley Farmers’ Market continues to surprise and delight. It is a vital part of the area’s community spirit, and it’s clear that its customers just love being there”.

– Gareth Jones, (one of the judges in 2012)

So, we would like to welcome you to your community farmers’ market… Join the thousands who come!