WAHOOO! WE’VE WON THE ‘BEST FARMERS’ MARKET IN THE UK’ AWARD 2023. This is the 4th time we’ve won – a record for any Farmers’ Market. Our Founder, David Isgrove who oversees/runs the market with an incredible team of volunteers, was recognised for his dedication with the Farm Retail Association’s LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.

OUR NEXT MARKET WILL BE ON 25 NOVEMBER, which will run from 9 to 2pm. It’s a great time to restock with wonderful foods and drink – AND TO ORDER FOR CHRISTMAS to pick up at one of our Christmas Markets on the 16th and 23rd Dec.

We’ll say it again – WE HAVE TWO MARKETS FOR CHRISTMAS on Dec 16th AND 23rd.

PLEASE TAKE CARE – respect other people’s space

THIS MONTH – Have you spotted our latest stalls? Tranquil Plants and The Little Flower Garden (selling cut flowers). This month we’ll also have some of our new stalls selling Vegan, Raw Fermented foods and drinks.
WE also have a new kind of bakery – for DOGS!! And look out for the newcomer JUICE MEDIC. We’re hoping that Eden Farm’s amazing mushrooms will be back.
Why not get some unusual craft beers, wines, gins, vodkas, rum and cider! Not to mention cheeses galore, pies, hams, unusual apples, game … uuummm the list goes on and on but it’s all wonderful!!!

Welcome to Moseley Farmers’ Market

Moseley Farmers’ NOVEMBER Market will be on SATURDAY 25th 9-2pm. Please observe and respect other’s space. It will be in the centre of Moseley Village. We will have as many of our usual stalls as possible selling a huge range of produce to cater for everyone’s needs; whether it be fruit and vegetables, cheeses and wine, pies, beer or samosas. Everything available is guaranteed to be local and the produce is reared, grown or processed by the people selling: it’s a certified real Farmers’ Market. There will also be stallholders selling non-local food for the benefit of the community such as olives, fish, unusual cheeses and coffee beans & tea leaves. These are placed on the edge of the Farmers Market area if possible

“’This large, town centre based market not only brings customers to them, but also the sity region. The market focus on community and support of locals was fantastic’

-said one of the judges in 2023

“’Moseley Farmers’ Market continues to surprise and delight. It is a vital part of the area’s community spirit, and it’s clear that its customers just love being there’”.

– Gareth Jones, judge in 2016

So, we would like to welcome you to your community farmers’ market… Join the thousands who come!