Offchurch Poultry

Offchurch Poultry

Offchurch Poultry Farm is a family run business established six years ago.

Rob has always been a Warwickshire poultry farmer though and loves the satisfaction of rearing birds from a day old and “giving them a good run”. He began at four years old when his uncle bought him six chickens as a birthday gift! Helped by his wife and son, he now looks after three to four thousand birds.

We are proud to say that ‘When we say free-range, we mean free-range’. All our birds have free access from 7.30 a.m. until dusk to our entire property which consists of natural woodland with lots of different plants, shrubs and trees providing shade as well as a stream.

We are always happy for new customers to take a look. Our farm is visible from the road and you can see the birds ranging!

We produce and pack the finest quality free range eggs and fresh free range poultry from our own farm for sale at Moseley Farmers’ Market

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