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Our traders often tell us that Moseley is their ‘favourite market’ – & we don’t think they are just trying to curry favour with us!  Located in a flourishing suburb close to Birmingham city centre, & with a footfall of around 4-5000 people each month, Moseley Farmers’ Market provides ‘a taste of the country in the city’ to a very loyal customer base from Moseley, a large part of the south side of the city, and beyond.

As the organisers of the market, we like to keep things fresh, exciting, & growing & so we welcome applications to join Moseley Farmers’ Market. Traders are invited to attend on the basis of what our customers tell us they want, whether we have any room (we are very busy), if we have anything similar already, and whether you can meet our market criteria – especially about food provenance & proximity to the market.

So if you would like to become a trader at our award winning, FARMA certified market, please read carefully through our market rules, below, & think about whether you can meet the criteria. If you think you can – great! Just complete the online application form, or print it off & post it back to us. Applications for traders are considered on a regular basis (we are all volunteers – please be patient if you don’t hear from us immediately) & we will contact you either to invite you to attend on a trial basis, put you on our waiting list, or explain why it isn’t possible to accept your application at this time.

Thanks for considering Moseley Farmers’ Market.

– The Team


Rules & Requirements

  • Primary produce: This produce will have been grown, reared, or caught in the local area on the producer’s land – for plants & livestock, this means grown or finished (having spent at least 50% of its life) on the producers’ land.
  • Secondary produce: Anyone processing produce or adding value – through further preparation, cooking, preservation, etc. is a secondary producer. All processed goods must contain at least 25% of a raw ingredient of origin from within our defined local area, (not merely bought locally). No trader may resell produce bought-in without further processing.
  • All produce sold must therefore be grown, reared, caught, prepared, cooked, preserved, and/or undergone other forms of processing by the trader.
  • Moseley Farmers’ Market C.I.C. defines the local area as that within a 50-mile radius of the market, from which the majority of producers will be drawn. This greater distance than usual is due to the suburban location of the Market in South Birmingham, so allowing access to farmers from the other side of the city.
  • The maximum distance from which producers may travel is 100 miles for difficult-to-source produce – i.e. specialist produce, unobtainable more locally – only allowable in exceptional cases.
  • Stalls must be staffed by someone who is directly involved in growing, raising, or producing the goods on sale.
  • No Genetically Modified produce or products containing genetically modified ingredients may be sold at the Market.
  • All traders must comply with current requirements for Trading Standards and Environmental Health.
  • All traders must maintain their own employee, products, & public liability insurance – Moseley Farmers’ Market will retain copy certificates – & present certification at every Market.
  • All accredited producers – e.g. organic standards from the Soil Association – must display certification from an accepted body at their stall.
  • Each producer must complete an application form and be deemed to satisfy the criteria of Moseley Farmers’ Market C.I.C.
  • When space becomes available at the market, local producers will receive preference, without compromising quality

Start your application

To Start your application you will need to fill out a Stallholder Application Form. This can either be filled in online, or downloaded as a pdf if you wish to print it out. If you fill in the form online we request that if you have certification & assurance documents you upload them. If you are unable to upload them you can post copies to us instead.

For all Paper applications, certification & assurance documents please post them too:
Moseley Farmers Market Application
Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8BJ

Apply online

Download form

Interested in the Moseley Arts Market?

If the Farmers’ Market isn’t right for you, & the items you have to sell are more craft related, please take a look at the Moseley Arts Market which happens across the road from us. Click the link for more information.