We have now come to the sad decision that we have no option but to CANCEL Moseley Farmers Market this month and for the forthcoming months.

This is due to:

  • Government advice is changing daily – almost hourly – and it is very likely we will be locked down anyway – so we want to give you enough warning so you can concentrate on other ways to promote your business.
  • Sketts and other markets have made the decision not to open which is setting a precedent across the industry.
  • We are reliant on volunteers to run the market and if one of us is sick or unable to attend we would struggle to find suitable alternative cover.
  • We are under growing pressure from some of the community not to open. If there were any incidents or we were unable to manage queues it could have a harmful effect on our reputation.

We have desperately tried to come up with innovative ideas to be able to support you all whilst keeping farmers, stall holders and the public safe but we have realised it is too big a risk .

For those of you who are eligible for help to businesses promised by the government there are more details here.

We will be using the time and tapping into the skills of some of the Moseley community to try to set up ways we can support you – whether it is through online ordering or helping with drop off points for orders or deliveries. As soon as we have set this up, we’ll be advertising how it will work.

Welcome to Moseley Farmers’ Market

Moseley Farmers’ Market happens on the last Saturday of the month in the centre of Moseley Village (or last before Christmas Eve). We have over 60 stalls selling a huge range of produce to cater for everyone’s needs; whether it be fruit and vegetables, cheeses and wine, pies, beer or samosas. Everything available is guaranteed to be local and the produce is reared, grown or processed by the people selling: it’s a certified real Farmers’ Market.

“Moseley Farmers’ Market continues to surprise and delight. It is a vital part of the area’s community spirit, and it’s clear that its customers just love being there”.

– Gareth Jones, (one of the judges in 2012)

So, we would like to welcome you to your community farmers’ market… Join the thousands who come!