What Makes a Farmers’ Market?

All Things Local! You know it’s local if reared or grown or contains a high percentage of local ingredients if processed from known sources from within 50 miles of Moseley.

The people selling the produce must be connected in some way to the product in its production. So, the produce has literally gone from the farm to the market stall. No travelling for miles; no overnight refrigeration, no freezing of meat.

It will be fresh.

The short distance and small supply chain means that it tastes better than the supermarket equivalent and is sold at a competitive price.

Just try the tomatoes grown in soil – they actually taste sweet and incredibly – well – tomatoey – not like the bland ones in the supermarkets.

It’s about seasonality.

It’s about provenance. It’s about food miles. It’s about sustainability. It’s about supporting the small producers and not the big market suppliers. It’s about healthy eating. No GM ingredients are allowed. It’s about reconnecting to the countryside and artisan production.

Only with certified farmers’ markets can you be sure of all this. We are certified through FRA (The Farm Retail Association) and undergo inspections and checks every year.

It’s about bringing a
community together as they experience
“a taste of the country in the city”.