wobbly bottom farm

Wobbly Bottom Farm

Alan and Angela Bungey, of Wobbly Bottom Farm, rear a number of different breeds of goat on the farm near Hitchin in Hertfordshire. Alan, Angela and the goats produce a great range of different cheeses, all with their own quite unique flavours. The goats eat healthily, mostly consuming feed from the farm itself, and healthy goats produce great-tasting cheese, as you will discover when you try some!

Alan and Angela have been farming at Wobbly Bottom for about five years now, having built up the cheese business entirely from scratch. They used to be goats’ milk producers, but the dairy they used to supply decided to start importing cheaper, lower-quality milk instead, and so cheese was a source of salvation for the Bungeys, as they found a way to turn their top-quality milk into a product ever-increasing in popularity. Goats’ cheese of this quality is a product you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere but Moseley farmers’ market.

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April 20, 2020