tuckshop flowers
I’m Carole Patilla and I set up Tuckshop Flowers in April 2013, inspired by the “oohs” and “aahs” my laid back, natural posies produced, and by my success in reaching the finals of BBC Gardener of the Year in 2007. I grow flowers in Birmingham in my home garden, attached to a former sweet shop. It inspired the name, produces the flowers, and is still being transformed into an ever more productive, nectar-rich cutting patch – a haven for Birmingham bees and butterflies.
So you can have fabulous seasonal British flowers in Birmingham from April to September. What could be nicer? Why fly flowers from the other side of the world when Great British flowers give you colour, scent and bags of charm? These are chemical free, locally grown Birmingham British flowers – relaxed, lovely and very different from the average.

Tuckshop Flowers are often scented, always garden fresh and most definitely gorgeous.

Address: 150 Northfield Road, Birmingham B30 1DX
Phone: 07527370653

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April 20, 2020