Staffordshire savoury Eggs

Staffordshire Savoury Eggs

Situated in the heart of the Staffordshire Morelands in our small holding near the village of Stanley with views toward the peaks of Derbyshire and the plains of Cheshire is the home of Deborah & Colin and the birth place of the Staffordshire Savory Scotch Egg Company.

From humble beginnings in our farm kitchen Deborah developed a range of quality and tasteful Scotch Eggs including a Vegetarian and Gluten free versions.

Using our own and locally sourced Pork and FREE RANGE HEN & DUCK EGGS our ethos has been to create a quality product for the enjoyment of others.

As Deborah explained “I had always made Scotch Eggs as a youngster with my grandmother who passed her recipes on to me “.

Together with her husband Colin and help and guidance from Nick & Julie of Growing Rural Enterprise and the Prices Trust the business has been able to grow and develop to what it is today providing rural opportunity of employment and development in the countryside.

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