Squisito Deli

Squisito Deli

“Provenance is knowing the person who made your lunch by first name”

In Italy, food is always best from your own village and from people you know by first name. Squisito use that as our basic principle but first and foremost our food has to taste good! Squisito is a not-just-for-profit delicatessen which makes Italian food that is fresh, local and seasonal from ingredients that are good, clean and fair. When we can’t grow or rear ingredients ourselves we look first to our own locality and our friends since we like to know by first name the person who makes, grows or rears our ingredients.

Squsito make fresh food which means our food reflects the seasons. Wherever possible Squisito food is made from authentic Italian recipes with ingredients and methods typical to that area but grown or reared locally in England. Over 85% of the ingredients in the food Squisito sell at accredited Farmers Markets is grown, reared and sourced within 35 miles of Squisito HQ (the FARMA Farmers Market criteria) and often as not from our village. Squisito are the only accredited Italian food producer in the Midlands and subscribe to the principles of the Slow Food Movement.

Squisito like to cook Italian food with passion and flair so we like to create new family favourites based on our experiences in Italy. Whilst out heart is in Italy our stomachs are in England so we occasionally adapt our recipes to take advantage of the richness of local ingredients. But we never compromise.

Why not try us next time you visit Moseley Farmers’ Market?

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