Nightingales Pies

Nightingales Pies

We are a family run business situated in Bentley, Warwickshire, 5 miles from the old Market Town of Atherstone. We specialise in making high quality fruit and savoury pies in our own bakery, we also have our own butchery on the farm;

Our Luxury Pies are hand made daily to ensure that they are of the highest quality. The Fillings are prepared by hand and slowly cooked by us to ensure that the true flavour of the filling is not lost.

The pastry has a light delicious crusty taste that melts in your mouth, which compliments our delicious fillings.

Our meat pies and pasties have; no hydrogenated fats, no colours, no preservatives, and as an added bonus all of our pies can be frozen.

We bake for the whole family to enjoy.

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