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Hindleys Bakers

We are a family run traditional bakery in the centre of historic Lichfield, Staffordshire. Today the business is led by brother and sister team, Duncan Hindley and Jackie Beaumont. We are the fourth generation of the family to work within the business since it was established by our great grandfather in 1893.

Our bread and cakes are a unique combination of traditional recipes handed down through the generations and new product innovations by Duncan Hindley. Peoples tastes are constantly changing and maturing, as they try new food experiences whether at home or abroad. So we’re working hard developing new flavours, textures & recipes that we can incorporate into our range.

It is very important to us as a small family run bakery, that our customers trust us to make them the best bread & cakes we can. Whether we are making a traditional white tin loaf or fermenting a sour dough, we want everything to look & taste terrific.

So much of what you buy today that is labelled “local/fresh” has been mass produced in large factory elsewhere in the UK & Europe, then delivered back to our towns & cities and baked off in-store for you to buy. In our mind local should mean local and fresh should mean made and baked fresh each day from scratch. It may be old fashioned but that’s how we do it!

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April 20, 2020