Hilltop Farm

Hilltop Farm

We are a third generation family farming business, who decided that we wanted to sell our produce direct to our customers. It all started off with a small amount of asparagus that was picked fresh from the field and then sold through Maggie’s kitchen at Hilltop Farm.

In 1999 John started selling our lamb and beef through some of the local Farmers Markets. We had such positive feedback from our customers, who loved the quality of our meat and who thought it was great be able to speak to the Producer first hand, that we made the decision to convert one of our old redundant barns into our own farmshop and Café.

Our customers told us that they wanted fresh, local, fantastic quality products, so this is where we started.

From day 1, when the shop opened in October 2003, our philosophy has been to sell great food, sourced locally (where possible), of the highest quality, at fair prices.

Seasonality is key to everything we do and this goes hand in hand with local sourcing so that what we sell is as fresh as possible, with a low food miles.

At Moseley Farmers’ Market we produce a wide variety of cuts of lamb, as well as lamb burgers & sausages.

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