Coulter Lane Farm

Coulter Lane Farm

Situated in Burntwood, Staffordshire, Coulter Lane Farm has been growing strawberries and other fruit since 1975. This farm has been in the Hodson Walker family since 1954 although generations of the family have been farming in the local area. Coulter Lane Farm grows on ‘perfect’ soil for fruit, light and free draining. The best of traditional farming methods are used with the latest of technology and the best certified plant stock to grow strawberries that have both flavour and appearance.

A variety of natural methods are used to encourage early fruit and also to delay it, by covering the plants with fleece to burying the plant in deep straw. Where possible natural predators are encouraged to overcome pests, and bees are used for pollination of the fruit.

We pride ourselves on conservation and in recent years have created ponds, planted trees and re introduced hedges aswell as being the first farm in Staffordshire to re-introduce Cannock Chase heathland back onto the land.

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September 17, 2013