Cossack Russian Cuisine

Leeza’s family’s first bakery opened in St Petersburg in Russia back in 1812 where they first made and sold their piroshki (Russian for pie). The brioche that is wrapped around their pie uses a recipe that has remained unchanged since those days.

With a heritage of six generations of Russian baking knowledge, Leeza carries on the family legacy by creating a mouth-watering selection of specialist Piroshki pies, each one hand-crafted to suit the tastes of today’s healthy eaters.

Leeza has created a healthier and luxurious alternative to the traditional British pie. The latter is usually made with a pastry that is typically high in fat. Leeza’s pie dough has about 90% less fat content.

Some of the unique pie fillings include salmon and cream cheese, chicken, cranberries and walnuts, beef and onion, Moroccan veggie, goats’ cheese, mushroom and potato, lamb and lingonberry, spring onion and egg.

With more than 40 national food awards, Leeza has really established Russian cuisine as something not to be afraid of but instead to be celebrated and relished. Her hand-made Russian food range now includes starters, other savoury main courses and desserts.

Purchasing these freshly made goods is now easy too as the company offers a home delivery service nationwide at its web site –

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